Here are Some FAQs Answered

Thank you for saving my life! 1.  What kind of dog will I get?

PACA will talk to you about what kind of dog will work best for your household and try to give you a good match.  We have all kinds of sizes, ages, and breeds.

2.  What kind of responsibilities are involved with fostering a dog?

PACA asks that foster families commit to caring for the dog like it is part of their family until it is adopted.  This time varies with each dog.  The foster family provides food, shelter, and transportation to the vet and adoption events.  The foster dog may need some training such as house training and manners, help getting over fears, or gaining confidence.   Obedience training is helpful but not necessary.  We have a dog behaviorist and trainer on staff to assist you.

3.  What does PACA provide?

PACA provides all medical care for the foster dog.  PACA can also loan you a crate or other supplies if needed.  We advertise our dogs on and Rescue  We have a team of volunteers to help find the dog a good home that suits the dog’s needs. We also provide a weekly adoption clinic to promote our adoptable dogs.  We have a dog behaviorist and trainer to help with any problems should they arise.

4.  Where does my foster dog come from?

PACA pulls dogs from high-kill New Mexico shelters.   PACA assists people to find new homes for their dogs in family crises such as a move, lost job, or illness.  Sometimes people find stray dogs and call us to see if we can help find it a home.

5.  I don’t know if I can give up a dog I’ve cared for?  Isn’t that hard to do?

Sometimes it is hard to give up a foster dog, but you can feel good that your foster dog found a home and you can save another dog’s life – literally.  Your family can be involved in the rehoming process.  It is very rewarding to help a dog find a good home, and help another dog in need.  For every foster home we have available, we can save another dog. 

For more info, visit our Foster page.

Contact PACA at 505-225-0544


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People’s Anti Cruelty Association / Albuquerque Animal Rescue, a no-kill rescue group, was founded in 1973. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehouse homeless dogs and cats. PACA has no shelter facility and relies on an organized network of volunteers who foster the pets until permanent homes are found.


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