This was a big month for PACA TNR!

Lots of tough work: many trips to several Albuquerque businesses and homes to trap, drop off for surgery, pick up, post-surgical recovery at our home and then return to the original habitat.

Now there are 72 more happy S/Ned cats in their beautiful, sunny daytime outdoor New Mexico habitats, and cozy at night in their nests.

 Date  PACA TNRs
 10-2  9
10-3   1
10-7 3
10-14 4
10-15 7
10-16 1
10-18 8
10-22 10
10-23 2
10-24 3
10-29 11
10-30 6
10-31 4


Total Oct 2014 




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People’s Anti Cruelty Association / Albuquerque Animal Rescue, a no-kill rescue group, was founded in 1973. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehouse homeless dogs and cats. PACA has no shelter facility and relies on an organized network of volunteers who foster the pets until permanent homes are found.


P.O. Box 21280
Albuquerque, NM 87154

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